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January 2019

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Post by Hide Imagine on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:51 pm


     Today I will be going over what is happening this month and some changes which can happen next month. On the server, we are putting in Mini Games, SkyBlock, and many different kind of things, these are changes expected to happen next month. As well next month all the building is expected to be done and a upgrade to ram as well. Donation ranks are expected to be put in as well next month, if you would like to donate please contact me, before you donate, and tell me who I should be expecting a payment from. Hopefully I can set something up where I can get that all to work and be linked to the server, it should not be too difficult, if so, I will end up changing this over to enjin. If you are interested in working for staff you will as well need to wait until next month, the reason for this, is that we have decided to make a month+ played on the server to get a staff rank of at least builder and moderator, and an application process. Any help with getting the server running better is appreciated and I will talk to any person on the forums regardless of age and ethnicity. There are not any more changes that I can think of until I come up with the next update. I will be seeing you guys on the server soon.

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