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Information for Accepted

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Information for Accepted

Post by Hide Imagine on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:16 pm

Hello and Welcome accepted members of Hide Universe, I will be explaining things which you should probably do to better yourself as a moderator/builder. Now there are many different ways that you can better yourself as this, however, they will require work and time. First off, you should probably make sure that you know the majority of server rules, this is required for Moderators yet optional for Builders. Please make note of this and follow through with that thought. For the builders out there please make sure that you go through the building tutorials which will be put up on my YouTube channel eventually, and please make sure that you go into depth with those tutorials and other build tutorials, this as well is optional for Moderators. For both ranks you should learn to work better as a team and view things for as they are, and not a probability. Just because I may not be on overly much on the server, I still look at console quite often and the chat, please learn to work better over all. We will have staff meetings on every Saturday at 5 PM Pacific Standard time. If this time does not work out for you I will make sure that I send a Summary out to anyone who missed the meeting. the meeting will start 10 minutes after 5 PM However we encourage you to be on at 5 PM to ensure that we better the people. You are required to have Skype, please do not put it in your application or open to anyone, we will only have staff on our Skype's so please do not invite anyone into a call with us that isn't staff. I wish you all luck in becoming a better staff member on our server and wish you all a great day.

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